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Arrival days

in July and August

  • Rental arrivals
    • Saturdays only at LANDES AZUR and LANDES BLEUES campsites
    • Arrival on Saturday and Sunday at camping LANDES OCEANES
  • Bare camping pitches :
    • Arrivals from Monday to Sunday

Outside July and August

Arrivals from Monday to Sunday

Please enter your arrival dates so that we can check availability.

camping landes bleues camping landes oceanes camping landes azur
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Our holiday accommodation

At Landes Vacances, we pride ourselves on making your stay special. In order for everyone to have a great holiday, we provide a wide range of accommodation options to suit all needs at a great price. Whether you rent a mobile home, chalet or quirky accommodation, everyone can find an option to suit their lifestyle and budget. Book your holiday rental today on our Landes Vacances website. 

mh confort

Rent comfort mobile homes
In the Landes

When you choose to rent a comfortable mobile home at our campsites in the Landes region, you have a range of options available. We have a mobile home to suit you, whether you are travelling as a couple or a family of eight. You also have a choice of the number of bedrooms. With options from two to four bedrooms, you can choose the right mobile home for you at our campsites in the Landes region. 


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mh premium

Our premium mobile homes

When you book a holiday in the Landes region, you have the option of choosing a premium mobile home. These generally offer the same features as comfort mobile homes but boast additional fittings. This means you can enjoy air conditioning, a television and even a dishwasher. Enjoy your dream holiday in comfort when you rent this type of mobile home in the Landes region. 


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mh chalet

Chalet rentals in the Landes region

In order to blend in with the environment, our Camping Landes Océanes has chosen timber-clad mobile homes. You will fall in love with the simplicity of your chalet in this utterly natural setting. Spend a few nights in this Landes rental and enjoy a change of scenery, heading home refreshed and relaxed, ready to tackle the hustle and bustle of daily life. 


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mh insolite

Quirky accommodation

With our raised cabins and Campétoile, you can enjoy a unique, refreshing experience. Enjoy a romantic or family stay for a few nights in this quirky accommodation in the Landes region. Available at our Camping Landes Azur, you can book these quirky accommodation options through our Landes Vacances website.  

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Book a camping pitch

How wonderful to be able to enjoy camping at one of our Landes region campsites! Reconnect with nature and enjoy a lovely stay on a spacious, clearly marked pitch. You will be pleasantly surprised by the cleanliness of our toilet blocks and the great locations of our camping pitches. 

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