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Rental of unusual accommodation
In the South West

Who has never dreamed of spending the night in a tree house or being able to contemplate the stars in bed? The South West is full of sites where nature is particularly preserved. Spending a holiday in an unusual accommodation in the South West is an opportunity to live a unique experience, alone or with others. You will certainly be amazed by discovering nature as you have never seen it before. Start the adventure now by booking a night in the unusual accommodation of your choice.

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Rent an unusual accommodation
In the Landes

The Landes are full of natural spaces where you can spend exceptional unusual holidays. What a joy to wake up after spending the night in a treehouse. This unusual accommodation is an experience to live at least once in your life. The immensity of the Landes landscapes lends itself particularly well to this unusual adventure. Lost in nature, you will forget civilization and be charmed by the beauty of your environment. From now on, it is possible to spend an unusual night camping in the Landes. Not only will you benefit from the experience, but in addition, you will benefit from the benefits and services provided by our campsite in the Landes.

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Discover the unusual accommodations
Of the Landes Azur campsite

In our Landes Azur campsite, you can enjoy 2 unusual accommodations.

  • The hut on stilts which is an unusual accommodation provided for 2 people. You will find a shower, washbasin and WC.
  • The star camp which is also an unusual hut on stilts, but whose comfort is more rudimentary. A terrace is fitted out under the hut.

Why choose one or more unusual nights in the Landes?

Spend one or more unusual nights in the Landes will ensure you a total change of scenery. If you want to unwind or change your mind, renting a cabin or other unusual accommodation will help you recharge your batteries. In direct contact with nature, you will let yourself be carried away by the mild climate of the Landes, and you will be seduced by the simplicity of the place. Living this camping experience is all the more reassuring as it will also allow you not to feel totally isolated from the rest of the world. Our team of professionals will be present if the need arises. You will also have access to the aquatic area of ​​the campsite. This experience is also far from devoid of interest.