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in July and August

  • Rental arrivals
    • Saturdays only at LANDES AZUR and LANDES BLEUES campsites
    • Arrival on Saturday and Sunday at camping LANDES OCEANES
  • Bare camping pitches :
    • Arrivals from Monday to Sunday

Outside July and August

Arrivals from Monday to Sunday

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camping landes bleues camping landes oceanes camping landes azur
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Campsite van

The Landes is ideally situated between the sea, lake and forest. It offers a unique setting for a memorable holiday. What's more, you can criss-cross the region in your own van. 

To make your stay easier, consider booking a pitch at one of our 2 4-star campsites in the Landes: Landes Azur and Landes Bleues! They can accommodate all types of van. You can camp there in optimum comfort, all at a lower price. Make the most of your stay and discover the wonders of this magnificent region with your partner, friends or family!
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What are the advantages of choosing a campsite for your van?

A van is more practical than a motorhome. They are less than 2 metres high, which is very practical for some car parks. As for price, vans are much cheaper and easier to handle. So they're perfect for camping. They're even suitable for your daily commute. To make the most of the wonders of the Landes, stay at a campsite that can accommodate converted vans. This type of accommodation provides you with all the facilities you need to make your holiday as comfortable as possible.

You'll find modern facilities and quality services to ensure the comfort and well-being of your whole family. You'll have access to a heated swimming pool, and all kinds of activities and entertainment are planned to make your stay at the campsite as enjoyable as possible. And all at a price to suit all budgets.

What are the values of van camping?

As well as being practical, the van has a human and ecological dimension. Like any converted van, this type of vehicle is designed to respect nature. It is equipped to prevent campers from leaving rubbish bins, rubbish dumps or faeces behind. What's more, van camping is discreet. It is against the law to display your equipment in the open air (barbecue, outdoor furniture, beach towels, etc.).

What's more, camping in a van or camper van gives you the chance to experience the great outdoors, and discover new landscapes. What's more, provisioning is easy. All you have to do is use the service points for vans and motorhomes. You can also recharge your batteries at campsites like Landes Vacances. Another advantage of this type of rental is that it brings people from different cultures together on the same site. So you can make some unforgettable encounters.

Find out about serviced pitches for vans in the Landes!

You'll find the best sites for vans at Landes Vacances campsites. Each pitch is spacious and can easily accommodate this type of vehicle. What's more, each pitch is bordered by hedges, so you can enjoy a certain amount of privacy. The campsite also offers a range of rental services so you can get everything you need on site. That way, you won't have to carry too much on your journey.

Some van sites offer a complete break from nature. Most of them have a shaded area. All you need is a spot to relax.

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How do you choose your van campsite?

We advise you to choose a campsite that can accommodate both vans and traditional campers in tents. It has all the facilities you need for a perfect stay. Before making your choice, check that the campsite has pitches where you can put your van. At the Landes Azur and Landes Bleues campsites, you'll have your own private plot, in an area surrounded by nature, with a calm and soothing environment. In this respect, the Landes region is ideal, thanks to its proximity to the sea and the forest.

Value for money is another important criterion when choosing a van campsite. The establishment must offer all the amenities and remain affordable. It should also offer entertaining activities: children's play areas, aquatic area, indoor swimming pool, community leisure activities, multi-sports pitch... That's what we offer at our 2 establishments!