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camping landes bleues camping landes oceanes camping landes azur
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Water sports
In surfing country

A veritable paradise for water sports, the Landes department remains one of the most popular destinations and provides an ideal setting for a wide variety of water sports. It affords a real source of recreation for visitors. The Atlantic Ocean and its waves open their arms to you to go surfing or engage in your favourite water sport. The most traditional options are scuba diving and windsurfing. Grab a mask and oxygen tank and set off to discover a whole other world in the depths of the ocean.

As for windsurfing, various water sport companies can rent next generation equipment to you, so you can either learn or refine your skills for this activity. Surfing is also one of the area’s typical recreational activities. Whether you are a pro or an amateur, the beaches in the Landes will be particularly gratifying with their first-rate waves. You can also explore freshwater wonders from a canoe or kayak on a tour which will lead you into spots off the beaten track. And if this isn’t your first go at it, you can travel down waterways full of natural obstacles. For even more thrills, opt for a whitewater rafting excursion. Jet skiing offers another alternative for exploring the ocean. A number of establishments offer jet ski rentals and day-long excursions. Whether you are alone on your jet ski or with a partner, you are sure to appreciate the sense of adventure and escape which comes with it.

Boats are also available for hire for water skiing, tubing and flyboarding. Pulled by a boat going full throttle, standing on your skis or ensconced in your inner tube, new experiences await you. You will even be working your muscles as you enjoy the coolness of the water. Kitesurfing is another recommended leisure option in the Landes. It is a board sport to be enjoyed on an expanse of water. Head offshore into the Atlantic on your surfboard pulled by a kite. Professionals offer their services to teach you the basics of this exhilarating sport. A good level of physical fitness is a clear advantage. Another water activity on offer here is stand-up paddleboarding. Standing on your board, you will use your paddle to catch the waves. Of course, you will also have your choice of other activities like walking, jogging and fishing, to name but a few. You will come across all these water sports during your holiday in the Landes. It’s up to you to find the one you like best! In respect of your accommodation, Camping Landes Azur is an ideal starting point for sampling the pleasures of the water, that will welcome you with a warm and friendly atmosphere.


Les Landes,
Ideal destination for canoeing

With its many water points, the Landes is the ideal department to indulge in water sports activities such as canoeing. Holidays are the perfect opportunity to go out with family or friends to discover magnificent corners of nature while setting off on an adventure. Cross the many rivers aboard a canoe and take the opportunity to observe an exceptional landscape and fauna. Paddle on lakes and rivers, on the Gave d'Oloron or Lake Aureilhan, aboard a kayak or a stand-up paddle. You will surely spend unforgettable moments in these aquatic activities to be done alone or in a group and open to all members of the family! Come quickly practice canoeing during your stay in the Landes, where the Landes Bleues campsite will welcome you warmly.

canoe rental companies in the Landes

Take a canoe trip of 8 km (2 hours) in the heart of a Natura 2000 site, on the small river La Palue. You can also rent a canoe-kayak for 3 people (2 adults and 1 child) for 1 hour, take part in a treasure hunt or an escape game. During your walk, discover the biodiversity of La Palue, a truly wild setting typical of the Landes. Bring back a souvenir photo: a photographer is present on the course. Count 16€ per adult (11€ for children under 12). Canoeland is in Saint-Michel-Escalus, about 46 km from the Landes Bleues campsite.

Mexico Leisure
Mexico Loisirs offers a descent of the Leyre river by canoe-kayak for half a day over 5 or 10 km, a hike of 1 to 5 days or a 20 km trip for the day. The duration of the itinerary is adaptable according to the time you have. Discover the beauty of the Landes on a wild route. 90 km long, the Leyre has remarkable flora and fauna to appreciate: oaks, gallery forest, willows, birds, wild boar, rare species such as the swimming fluteau... The Mexico Loisirs base is located just over 36 km from the camping.2X Adventures
Opt for a canoe trip of 1h45 in calm water in Sorde-l'Abbaye on the Gave d'Oloron river (15€ per adult, 9€ up to 12 years old), a descent of 9 km (2 h) in whitewater (€20 per person, €15 for children under 12), or a day trip (6 hours). This service provider also offers a 2-day guided bivouac. Stroll on the water in the heart of nature to discover the "Little Amazon". You will be conquered by the pleasant freshness of the water and its pebble beaches. 2X Aventures is located about a hundred kilometers from the campsite.

Nautical center of Soustons Plage
Enjoy a canoe-kayak trip over a distance of 7 km in the Landes forest on the Courant de Soustons (25€). Perfect for paddling in the shade of the trees while admiring the green nature of the banks, the Courant de Soustons is part of the Natura 2000 sites. Canoe rental is also possible to discover the beautiful marine lake of Albret and its island: this are 12 km round trip, or about 3 hours of excursion. Also discover a 2-hour initiation session in canoeing. The Pôle Nautique is about sixty kilometers from the campsite.

Canoe Leisure
Canoë Loisir offers canoe trips from 7 years old: 4.5 km course (2 hours) on the Estampon river (€14 per person), Réaut course in Roquefort of 4 hours, 14 km (€23 per person) and bivouacs from 2 to 4 days on the Douze or the Midouze. Discover the limestone cliffs of the Landes and amazing rocks on the banks of the Estampon river. You will be able to appreciate superb natural landscapes and perhaps see deer or herons. Canoë Loisir is in Roquefort, 79 km from the Landes Bleues campsite via the shortest route.