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camping landes bleues camping landes oceanes camping landes azur
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Capbreton will delight you for a day visit from the campsite located in the Landes. You can visit this part of the Landes by going down the motorway or the main road to reach Capbreton.

If the town of Capbreton was once famous for fishing, it is now the main destination for curious people who are mainly interested in marine activities. Its old port, which has long been used by fishermen to catch cod, has even become one of its most frequented attractions.

Capbreton: the town

Capbreton is located in the Landes in New Aquitaine. It is a small French town where the Capbretonnais live. It divides the vast plateaus of the Landes from the Pyrenean areas. It is currently home to many sites that attract the eyes of the world such as the Golf de Gasgogne, which is located offshore. It is also in this municipality that one can find one of the most important ports of the Atlantic. It specifies the Landes, because it is the only marina in the department which offers a direct opening to the sea.
The natural gouf of Capbreton is also one of its essentials. It is even the most amazing of the town. It is an underwater throat of 2100 m extending over 150 kilometers. For sailors, it is a place of safety, because the ocean is calmer there for reasons that remain unexplained by science. Witness to several tectonic plate movements, this pit allowed France to escape the Iberian Peninsula.

capbreton activites

Activities to do in Capbreton

There is no shortage of activities to do in the town of Capbreton, whether it is sport or culture. For sports enthusiasts, the entertainment is quite varied. They can choose between trying new things or pursuing their passions. Equestrian sport, for example, is one of its many choices in addition to go-karts and quads, for speed enthusiasts. For the bravest, there are tree climbing, etc.
Capbreton beach is also renowned as not only one of the most beautiful beaches on the Atlantic coast, but also as the Mecca of Surfing in all of France. Extending over several kilometres, it offers very soft fine sand with an ideal touch for small barefoot walks.
And why not the jet-ski for those who are around Socoa by trusting Paral'ail, a team of water sports professionals. As the latter offers several formulas for the discovery of the Basque Coast, this would then allow visitors to discover Capbreton and its reliefs in a different way.
As for fans of diving and underwater discovery, the Canyon experience may be possible. It would just be necessary to confide in the professionals of the canyoning for its practice. The latter will then provide the necessary equipment and help enthusiasts in their initiation in complete safety.

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