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The Saint-Jean-Baptiste Cathedral is a state property located in Aire sur l'Ardour, a town in the Landes department. It is part of the historical and cultural heritage of the region and has been an emblem of this place since its classification as a historical monument in 1069.

cathedrale aire sur ardour statue

History of Saint-Jean-Baptiste Cathedral

The Cathedral was built during the 11th and 12th centuries. She was promised to Saint-Jean-Baptiste, hence her name. At that time, bishops still resided in the square and even the diocese sat there for 15 centuries. But in the years 1802, it was connected to that of Bayonne. The cathedral therefore ceased to function from that date. During the 14th and 16th centuries, the cathedral fell victim to the war of religions. Which led to its destruction. It was in the 19th century that it began to be rebuilt and therefore underwent modifications and renovations until today. Many craftsmen have indeed succeeded during all this time to give the Saint-Jean-Baptiste Cathedral its current appearance.

cathedrale aire sur ardour

The Cathedral and its architecture

The Saint-Jean-Baptiste Cathedral is best known for its architecture. Indeed, it has been able to benefit from many modifications since its renovation after the war of religions. Its exterior has been improved from the roof to the facades. The work ended in the 90s. However, in 2003, the cathedral was still treated to an interior embellishment.
The façade of the cathedral from previous centuries was enhanced with a curved keep with a slate roof. There is also the sacristy which is an ancient chapter house with walls with engravings of characters and monsters. At the entrance to the latter is a painting “Jesus in the Garden of Agony” offered by the government. As for its interior, it has an octagonal pillar, with ribbed vaults to which it owes all its splendor. The gallery organ also embellishes the place. Built in the years 1757, it is part of the historical monuments of the country. The choir, meanwhile, is materialized by a marble balustrade, stalls and woodwork.
The alley to the park presents many exhibitions that have marked the times. These give it its charm. It is also in this place that certain bishops of the 15th, 17th and 18th centuries are buried: important people of the cathedral.