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A brief history of the Contis lighthouse

Located in Saint-Julien-en-Born between Biarritz and Cap Ferret, a stone's throw from the Atlantic Ocean, the Contis lighthouse is the only one in the Landes department. Erected in 1862 under Napoleon III, it entered service in December 1863. Its focal length is 38 meters high and its summit rises 41.5 meters above sea level. Originally white in color, the Contis lighthouse was refreshed in the 1930s. It remains white and is embellished with a black helix band, which gives it a touch of originality while serving as a landmark for navigators during the day. Only three lighthouses on the planet are painted with this spiraling black stripe pattern on a white background. The Contis lighthouse was bombed in 1944 by the enemy, but fortunately was not destroyed. Although it no longer houses guards, it was electrified at the very beginning of the 1950s and has been operating automatically since 1999.

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The characteristics of the lighthouse

Listed as a Historic Monument since November 2009, the Contis lighthouse is an emblematic structure in the Landes which belongs to the French State. Its lantern, equipped with a 180 watt halogen bulb, illuminates up to 42 km around, or 23 miles in maritime language. Every 25 seconds, it emits four flashes.

To reach the top of the Contis lighthouse, you will have to climb its 183 steps. But the ascent is worth the detour: you will indeed have plenty of time to admire an exceptional 360° panorama. Take in the eyes between the blue of the ocean as far as the eye can see, the dunes and the superb Landes pine forest. On a clear day, you can even see the Spanish coastline. A nice discovery that will interest both adults and children! Also take advantage of your visit to take a tour of the lighthouse museum, which will reveal all its secrets to you.

Visiting hours and prices


The Contis lighthouse is open to the public between April and September:

From April to June and in September: from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Fridays and weekends.
In July-August: from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day, except Monday.


Adult: 3 €
3-12 years old: €1
Under 3 years old: free
Take advantage of your camping stay in the Landes to visit the Contis lighthouse! Note that wearing a mask is mandatory during your visit.