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camping landes bleues camping landes oceanes camping landes azur
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A short history of Dax celebrations

Organized in the city of Dax in the Landes, the Dax Festivals come from the many agricultural fairs and other markets that were held in the Landes until the beginning of the 20th century. Former capital of Chalosse and economic and mercantile heart of the Landes from the Middle Ages, Dax hosted two fairs every year giving rise to a party and cow races. It was then in the 19th century that a fair was born each year in August-September with bullfights, a precursor to today's festivals. Over the years, these festivities have been moved to earlier in the summer and are now held around August 15 every year. They are now part of the intangible cultural heritage of France. Festival-goers traditionally wear a white outfit with a red scarf. For 5 days, the festivities bring together several hundred thousand people. Between popular jubilation and bullfights, the festival transforms the Landes spa resort which then becomes the scene of a multitude of concerts, parades and sports tournaments. The streets fill with visitors, especially on weekend evenings.

feria dax

The Dax Festival program

The feria is a golden opportunity to get together with family or friends, to laugh and share happy moments to the rhythm of the music. In an atmosphere full of cheerfulness and good humor, you can attend Landes races, bullfighting shows including novilladas and bullfights, and take part in many other activities throughout these festive days. The inauguration of the Holidays is carried out by the mayor of Dax after the opening ceremony with the handing over of the keys to the city. On the first day of the Dax Festival, the Landes Day takes place: bowling competitions, folk music concerts and various exhibitions take place. Stands are set up to eat and a landaise race and a big parade are held in the streets of the city.

The youngest are not forgotten: Children's Day is celebrated on the second day, with many dedicated activities for their greatest pleasure. Young festayres can thus learn about bullfighting thanks to a mini encierro and take part in a big raffle and a junior race.

Many sports tournaments take place during the Dax Festival: running (10 km in the streets of Dax ("Feriascapade"), tennis, fishing, Basque pelota... On the fifth day, the festivities end with a campfire. fireworks and a musical spectacle played in the arena by the bandas.

Dates of the Dax Festival 2022

The next Dax Festival will be held from August 11 to 15, 2022

Note that downtown Dax is not open to vehicles during the day during the Holidays. Shuttles will be at your disposal for easy access to the Feria. Visit our campsite in the Landes to stay nearby!