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camping landes bleues camping landes oceanes camping landes azur
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Landes gastronomy


La Garbure landaise,
A soup like no otherA soup like no other

In the “Landes Culinary Specialties” family, we open the doors to a preparation that is similar to a soup but which, paradoxically, has nothing to envy to the best of soups. At least that's what the Landais will tell you, fervent defenders of their traditional Garbure Landaise. Find all the information about this specialty to taste during the holidays in our Landes campsite!
It is one of the greatest specialties of the south-west of France, very popular in winter in homes to warm bodies and hearts. Garbure de canard des Landes is much more than a simple soup. This drink with many vitamins excellent for health is a complete and ancestral dish whose recipe has been passed down from generation to generation. Over the centuries, each cook and cook has brought their own personal touch to improve it, which is why there are hundreds of recipes today. No matter its version: Garbure Landaise is a must-try during a stay in the 40.

Good news for gourmets who like to taste healthy and tasty dishes: Garbure des Landes has many health benefits. This hotpot contains a large quantity of vegetables, the king ingredient. Green cabbage, blue cabbage, carrots, turnips, beans, leeks: these vegetables are the most common, but it is quite possible to add some. The vegetables are usually accompanied by celery sticks, beans and meat. On the meat side, you will hardly be surprised to find between the pork and the ham a piece of duck. After all, Garbure Landaise is a Landes dish, don't forget that. Be careful, the duck leg that goes into the composition of the Garbure has come a long way before reaching your soup plate. Its happy owner, the free-range duck, was raised in the wild for more than 100 days. The thigh was then confit in its own fat before being added to the stew. This long process is precisely what gives Garbure its intense and characteristic taste.

pastis landaios


Do not be fooled by appearances. Or rather if, but not in his name which could mislead. If you hear about pastis during your camping stay in the Landes, do not contact the waiter. Enter a pastry shop. Because pastis landais is not an anise-based alcoholic drink, but a delicious cake from the 40s. Ingredients, good places to savor it, homemade recipe: discover everything you need to know about pastis landais, the sweet pleasure which is the pride of the Landais.

Landes pastis, a brioche that seduces the eye and the palate

When you go on vacation in the Landes, you generally think big. We are thinking of taking surfing or kitesurfing lessons, cycling along the cycle paths that cross the Landes forest, walking for miles on the fine sand, kayaking on the Biscarrosse or Cazaux lakes. And between two activities, we think of eating and tasting the specialties of the region such as foie gras, duck breast and Gascon salad. Fancy a gourmet break? Let yourself be seduced by the Landes pastis!
This soft and melting brioche, one of the jewels of Landes gastronomy, is an invitation to a sweet culinary journey. You will think you recognize sometimes a scent of anise, sometimes a flavor of orange blossom or rum. This is normal: pastis landais contains all these ingredients. According to legend, this sweet little gem was served from the 17th century in the Landes villages during weddings and special occasions. The cake was baked in a bread oven, for hours, between refractory stones.