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camping landes bleues camping landes oceanes camping landes azur
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It is a small village in the Landes department. It marks the alliance of Arthous Abbey and the English seneschal. This fort is part of the heritage of the Landes and is composed on the one hand, of the bastide of Hastingues and on the other hand of the abbey of Arthous.

hastingues porte

The bastide of Hastingues

Hastingues is a fort which shelters a small typical village. It is characterized by a fortified gate which makes the place both picturesque and mysterious. However, the place is not completely isolated, as visits are possible. At the entrance to the village are signs that allow the discovery of the village accompanied by its history.
What specifies Hastingues, is that it is taken, at the same time, the Landes and the Basque Country. It is on the left bank of the Gaves united side that the bastide is located. It has a solid history that marked the time of English domination in the area. Indeed, it was at this time that the seneschal of Gascony considered controlling the territory. It is thanks to the bastide that the village was able to escape the ravages and fires caused by the imperious. To this day, one can still notice a vaulted passage that serves as the entrance to the village.
As for its surroundings, buildings from the time still remain, such as the house of the seneschal, which has kept its stylish English appearance. The house of the Jurats is also still present there. It is located on the central square with its windows in small wood. Finally, there is the Saint-Sauveur church which was rebuilt in the 17th century.

abbaye d arthous header

Arthous Abbey

Arthous Abbey also marks the village of Hastingue. The latter is even one of its main attractions. More precisely, it is called the Sainte-Marie d'Arthous abbey and was built in 1167 following the order of the Premonstratensian canons. It has been one of the historical monuments of the Landes since 1955.
The first construction that was made there was a church. This, including the goal of evangelizing the neighboring villages which, at that time, had little knowledge of Christianity. It was only later that the small monastic buildings that adorn its surroundings were built.
Currently, Arthous Abbey belongs to the Landes General Council. It has undergone many improvements to find its splendor today. The museum there tells more than 900 stories that attract more and more tourists' curiosity in the place.