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camping landes bleues camping landes oceanes camping landes azur
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Lévignacq loop, along the Moulin Neuf stream
Less than 30 km from the Landes Bleues campsite awaits you for a lovely hike starting from the Saint-Martin de Lévignacq church: a remarkable building for its imposing 14th century bell tower. After discovering the monument, it's time for a walk! The hike takes the form of an 8.5 km loop outside the village, along the Moulin Neuf stream and the places of interest that border it, such as the fish farming site in an old mill. . Lasting around 2.5 hours, this hike is aimed at simple walkers as well as hikers accompanied by young children.

Linxe and the mill of Binaou
35 minutes south of the Landes Bleues campsite, you can take the family on a pleasant 7 km hike starting from the church of Linxe and on the rural paths of the Landes countryside. In a relaxing setting, you will discover a beautiful heritage made up of typical farms, mills, and trees decorated for the May festivities. Count two hours of hiking at a walking pace: ideal for going green with children!

Forest circuit in Tosse
Take advantage of a visit to Hossegor during your stay at the Landes Bleues campsite to take this beautiful hike in the Landes forest: lasting 3 hours for around 12 km, it will appeal to big fans of walking. Departing from the Petit Lac de Tosse, about an hour from the Landes Bleues campsite, the circuit makes a beautiful loop in the pine forest and between the hamlets, around the network of streams located to the east of the village.

Around the Moïsan pond in Messanges
Another perfect hike for families, which can be undertaken even with very young children: the tour of the lake will only take you an hour, for less than 5 km to cover. One hour south of the Landes Bleues campsite, it will also be an opportunity to discover the coast near Vieux-Boucau. A few steps from the beach of Messanges, you will discover the richness of the wetland typical of marshes and the banks of ponds: an ideal hike to recharge your batteries and observe a very varied fauna and flora.

Azur, a small loop between farms and washhouses
Above the Soustons pond, 45 minutes from Landes Bleues, the village of Azur is the starting point for a pretty little hiking loop of less than 7 km. Allow about an hour and a half of walking, keeping a leisurely pace. Most of this family hike takes place on pedestrian and marked forest trails. A charming rural heritage is revealed along the route, from typical farms to old mills, passing by an exceptionally well-preserved washhouse.