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Hossegor is a French commune located in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, in the Landes department. It is home to approximately 4000 inhabitants. Several famous personalities found births there like Tom Frager, André Boniface, Françoise Sagan and others. It is best known for its seaside resort which attracts many tourists each year. The richness of the city in terms of heritage, culture and others is not lacking for a discovery walk break with family, friends or as a couple.

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Sports and nature

If you are nature lovers, a walk in the Barthes is essential for you. You have the possibility to walk on a surface of 3.7km to discover the richness in terms of flora and fauna of the ecosystem. Also opt for a family stay at Lake Hossegor which is favorable for fishing, hiking or sailing. If you're more of a surfing fan, you've come to the right place in Europe's surfing capital. Note that many bike paths are also open throughout the city to allow you to discover it differently.


The art of living

Hossegor is also synonymous with style, character and identity, especially in terms of its buildings, whose architecture is a perfect ally between modernity and neo-classical. You can also learn Basque pelota, which is a very popular sport in the region and can even take part in the tournament which takes place every summer and every Thursday evening. Otherwise, why not take part in these events such as the bullfight which takes place every Wednesday evening at the arenas of Hossegor, or do your shopping in the city's markets, take a tour of the Halles or taste the famous gastronomic specialties of the region by going to the shores of the lake or to the port.

Some events not to miss

During your visit to Hossegor, do not miss to attend these famous events such as the musicals which take place every July and August, the 3 crazy days which is an unpacking sale in the heart of the city center, the Royal Barrique, the Creators' night market, the golf tournaments, the producers' market, the Mot & Arts, the Rotary garage sale, the Tuesday flea market in the public garden, the sand up paddle initiation day, the monthly gathering of collector and prestige vehicles, the discovery tour with a greeter, the French surfing championships, the Lions Club gala evenings and others. Events not to be missed every year.