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camping landes bleues camping landes oceanes camping landes azur
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fontaine nehe dax

History of the Hot Fountain

The Hot Fountain of the Nèhe has existed for centuries. Built on a Roman site for their bathing in the 19th century, it inherited the name of the Celtic water goddess: Nèhe. At that time, the spring flowed 2,400,000 liters of water per day for a temperature of 64 degrees and was used by neighboring villages for their domestic uses. But since the legend of the legionnaire's dog, who regained his health thanks to the spring, a story that is firmly linked to it, the latter became revered for its therapeutic virtues.
The discovery of this therapeutic thermal water has changed people's vision of the Dax. The site has undergone many improvements and renovations over time to better accommodate people in search of health. To begin with, its basin was built between 1814 and 1818. It was only after that it was made the necessary modifications worthy of a tourist site, such as the grids which serve as protection or the columns with bronze taps. with lion heads. It was classified among the historical monuments of Dax from September 9, 1988.

dax mairie

A place of healing

The Dax has become a very popular destination thanks to the hot fountain of the Nèhe. This hot spring offers a new opportunity for people suffering especially from rheumatism to be cured. But its medicinal virtues are not the only ones that amaze the world on this hot spring. Indeed, it presents an underground circuit 2000 meters deep. As for the surface, the basin emerges from algae mixed with the silt of the Adour. It is this mixture that gave birth to the thermal mud of Dax: the Peloid, known as a natural medicine.
If at the time, the hot spring of Nèhe was only a rudimentary and uninteresting ruin, it has now become the first spa resort in France. A pedestrian zone has been set up around it and greenery has been planted to give it a more friendly and pleasant atmosphere. At certain times of the year, the Hot Fountain of the Nèhe has even become a place for events...