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A must in the Landes, the Labenne zoo brings together more than 200 animals 20 minutes from Hossegor and Bayonne. It is the first private tourist site in the region: all the reasons are good to take your children there during your stay at the 4-star Landes campsite!

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Animals from all over the world

Labenne Zoo sees things on a grand scale: covering an area of ​​5 hectares, it brings together 60 species of animals from five continents. Mammals but also reptiles and birds: you will find the most emblematic species there, such as the Eurasian lynx, the zebra, the griffon vulture and the cockatoo, but also rarer or less known animals: the red coati, the cerval , the black crowned crane… Not to mention some spectacular animals: the Eurasian eagle-owl, the Canadian wolf, and many others!

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As close as possible
To zoo animals

In preserved enclosures, the different species evolve in a natural setting. The originality of the Labenne zoo is to offer, in addition to a lot of information on the animals present, interactive workshops. You can take your children to different spaces:

The mini farm, to approach the dwarf goats for a popcorn distribution (donated by the team)
The immersion aviary, to observe pink flamingos and pelicans more closely
The semi-open enclosure to allow you to approach the wallabies a little closer
For those (children or adults) who wish to share the daily life of the zoo keepers, the "Career for a day" activity is also possible: for 3 hours, you will evolve alongside a certified caretaker to learn more about the inhabitants of the zoo and feed some of them.

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Useful information

The Labenne zoo is closed due to the Covid-19 context and will communicate its opening hours later.

Admission 3-11 years old: €9.50
Admission 12 years and over: €11
The zoo is free for children under 3 years old.