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In 50 minutes by car from the Landes Bleues campsite, go to the shores of one of the largest lakes in the Landes: Lac Léon. A preserved area that has many hiking routes and panoramas to discover.

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Lake Leon

340 hectares: this is the area of ​​Lake Léon, which is one of the 5 largest lakes in the Landes region. A particularly pleasant spot in summer, thanks to its two fine sandy beaches which allow you to sunbathe or enjoy the fresh water.

Lake Léon is also a real haven for biodiversity: it has been classified as a nature reserve and is home to dense flora and fauna. Indeed, the Lac Léon site adjoins the Courant d'Huchet, called the Landes Amazon: this 600-hectare nature reserve represents an enormous pool of biodiversity thanks to other bodies of water including reedbeds and peat bogs, favorable development of aquatic organisms. Wet meadows also contribute to the development of many birds, reptiles and mammals: European mink, otter, marsh turtle...

Lake Léon is also a place of passage for migratory birds: common cranes, booted eagles, geese. Come fall, it is a prime site for birdwatchers who want to observe the different species up close.

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Activities to do at Lac Léon

Whether you want to walk, swim or laze around, you've come to the right place! Lake Léon offers you enough to spend a pleasant day with the family with many activities.

Do you have ants in your legs? Put on your hiking shoes and set off for the tour of the Etang de Léon. Accessible to beginners, this 15 km circuit plunges you into the Landes Amazon. A little further, you can also take the airials circuit. This 3h45 loop (about 14 km) takes you through the Landes forest and shows you the various tourist points around Léon: the Grit farm, the Villa Agnoutine and all the surrounding airials (small clearings typical of the Landes forests). You can also do it by bike.

Lake Léon also allows you to learn about a wide variety of water activities: canoeing, kayaking, rowing boats and pedal boats are ideal for a safe family excursion on the calm waters of the lake. For sports enthusiasts, sailing and windsurfing are available for hire on the shores of the lake.

Finally, if you want to sunbathe or enjoy the lake from a fixed location, you can also go to Vielle beach, recommended for swimmers.