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in July and August

  • Rental arrivals
    • Saturdays only at LANDES AZUR and LANDES BLEUES campsites
    • Arrival on Saturday and Sunday at camping LANDES OCEANES
  • Bare camping pitches :
    • Arrivals from Monday to Sunday

Outside July and August

Arrivals from Monday to Sunday

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camping landes bleues camping landes oceanes camping landes azur
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What could be better than a campsite on the shores of Lake Landes? A campsite located on the edge of the Aureilhan pond in the north of the Landes.
The Landes campsite is particularly well placed between land and sea, lakes and forests: perfection for happy campers looking to multiply their activities.
By car for those in a hurry, by bike for sports enthusiasts and on foot for those who like to take the time to stroll, Mimizan Plage is 10 km away.
Located even closer to the campsite, Lake Aureilhan is less than 2 km away and can be reached in record time: 6 minutes by car and 21 on foot. Holidaymakers enjoy a comfortable stay in one of our mobile homes by the lake and near the aquatic area in our family campsite Near the Atlantic Ocean.

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Landes lakeside campsite:
The assets

On the edge of a lake in the Landes, the campsite has many assets sought after by all holidaymakers when the summer season arrives. The lake brings a welcome coolness in the face of the heat and drains fewer people than the sea. pond. To this rediscovered well-being is added the beauty of nature which is offered to the gaze. The opportunity to take the time to observe the fauna and flora around us. Choose one of the rentals in our outdoor hotel with direct access to the fine sandy beaches and Landes forest. A lake/pond near the campsite where you are staying is also the perfect opportunity to indulge in a variety of water sports and swimming to exercise.
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