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camping landes bleues camping landes oceanes camping landes azur
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It is a witness to the history of the Roman era and houses many vestiges of the ancient era. Fortified in 1100, the town was enlarged by incorporating the convent of Jacobins. To date, Saint-Sever has become the place of medieval celebration for people with a thirst for antiquity. Many activities are carried out there in addition to guided tours of the ancient treasures it contains.

abbaye saint sever

Places of medieval attraction

The abbey church is one of the monuments in Saint-Sever. It is part of the UNESCO World Heritage. With a unique and majestic architecture, it plays an important role in the city. This one has also witnessed many stories that her current presence becomes an advantage for the place. It remains open to the public from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m.
The cloister also signs the cultural heritage of Saint-Sever. Although the West and South wing are now used by the town hall, the rest of the building is still open for visits from 9am. It is in the East wing that all its splendor is played out. The presbytery is on the first floor as for the ground floor, it is in the latter that all the relics and objects of the medieval period are exposed.
The convent of Jacobins also had its historical glory days. It opens its doors free of charge to visitors. His career is quite rich, because he survived the war of religions even after being the victim of devastation. However, it was rebuilt to serve as a school and then as a hospital during the First World War. Upstairs is a museum in which archaeological objects from different periods are exhibited.

fetes medieval saint sever

Medieval entertainment

There is no shortage of entertainment in Saint-Sever. Serge Claradex is proof of this. This is a manufacturer of string tambourines. He offers an introduction to this instrument then invites his apprentices to accompany him in the party. Ax throwing is also an activity still in vogue in the area. However, as it can be dangerous, it is reserved for adults and adolescents. There are also workshops like that of Renart vert, with which one learns the design of stained glass in the Middle Ages. Public participation is always appreciated. A basket workshop is also present. It is a kind of initiation to basketry in the oldest way. The manufacture of barrels, buckets and even making pottery are activities not to be missed. Many other workshops that do not come out of the Middle Ages are accessible there…