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promenade fleurie mimizan

Nature :

Mimizan, a town of 11 483 hectares, comprising 8143 hectares of forest and 346,5 hectares of lake and ponds. This town possesses 3 conservation areas Natura 2000, a 7 km stream connecting with the ocean, the lake and 10 km of coastline.

Take the path to Mailloueyre’s Pond to discover a magnificent biological reserve which will lead you onto the dune. You will then get a better understanding of the difference between the coastal forest and the inland forest …

Then go off to explore the flowery walk situated by Mimizan-Aureilhan lake with over 300 varieties of plants. This is also a favourite spot for egrets, herons and ducks.

mimizan monument

Culture :

Mimizan town centre is where the majority of the commercial, industrial, cultural and sports activities are located. This part of the community is symbolized by its XIIIth century bell tower, the only remaining vestige of the Holy Marie Priory, part of the route of Santiago de Compostela.

Come and visit the Mimizan Priory- Museum to get a better understanding of the bell tower’s history, as well as that of the dunes’s formation. You will discover one of the most beautiful sculptured gates in the southwest of France and an exhibition retracing the natural and human history of the area, from prehistory to the Middle Ages.

Also go off to explore the history of the Landes region’s forest. The heritage house portrays the traditional rural life in the Landes region through two iconic figures: the shepherd and the resin collector.

As you walk through the town, you will also discover five safety posts in the form of pyramids classified as historical monuments. Also the Tuc d’Udos fountain reputed for it’s healing qualities for skin and eye ailments and the wash-houses dating from the beginning of the XXth century and that have been restored.

mimizan surf

Divertissements :

Mimizan abounds with activities of all kinds : sports, relaxation, entertainments …
On the beach, you can choose to laze around or take part in beach volleyball competitions, kite flying or making sculptures.
Available are surfing lessons, bodyboard, paddleboard and jet-skiing.
In town, you can play golf, let off steam with paint ball, push your limits on the treetop adventure park, take advantage of many sports complexes (tennis court, rugby, soccer, basketball) and stroll around the day and evening markets.
In the evening, meet up in the arena and see a traditional course Landaise or a concert. Alternatively enjoy the youngsters’ funfair.