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Campsite 10 km from Moliets

Campsite 10 km from Moliets

The Moliets campsite offers you to stay in comfortable mobile homes or to camp on large pitches on its landscaped site with indoor swimming pool a few minutes from the town. The seaside resort of Moliets-et-Maa, renowned for its wild beaches and for its privileged location at the mouth of the Courant d'Huchet, is accessible in 15 minutes from the campsite and can be the goal of a pleasant bike ride. .
Reaching Moliets from your mobile home is simple and direct via the D652 which passes through Léon.
Enjoy the many services of a campsite with spa less than 15 km from the most beautiful beaches of Moliets.
Varied entertainment awaits you to make your stay unforgettable right next to the Moliets-et-Maa campsite.

4-star campsite Moliets

How about spending your next stay at the campsite in Moliets? You will be seduced by our large aquatic area, our rental fleet made up of mobile homes and spacious pitches for the whole family and finally the 4-star services and equipment.

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Discover Moliets from the campsite

By staying at the Landes campsite located just 10 minutes by car from Moliets, you will enjoy the town's large fine sandy beach, very well equipped with its car park, shops and restaurants.

Some places and monuments also adorn this town, including the Notre-Dame de Moliets church, the Saint-Fabine-Saint-Sébastien-et-Saint-Laurent church, the Moliets pond and the vineyard of the sands of the ocean. .

On the main beach, the spectacle of the mouth of the Huchet current changing with each tide will amaze you.
During your holidays in the Landes, Moliets will be for you a privileged destination by the sea.

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What to see, what to do in Moliets

From the campsite near Moliets you can enjoy the village of Landes in its preserved natural setting, Moliets-et-Maâ borders the Atlantic coast between lakes and pine forests. The Courant d’Huchet Nature Reserve, nicknamed “Landes Amazonia”, is an exceptional environment. Typical Landes village, Moliets-et-Maâ is a festive town surrounded by many hiking trails and cycle paths allowing you to discover the surroundings and in particular the ponds of Moliets and Laprade.

The chapel of Saint-Laurent, from the 12th century, is an old stopover on the way to Compostela to discover in the locality of Maâ. Two beaches await you in Moliets, supervised in summer: the Chênes liège beach and the central beach, at the mouth of the Huchet current: many board sports are practiced there, such as swimming and lazing around. Moliets is also famous for its 18-hole golf course which offers a unique panorama of the ocean.

Going out in Moliets in the Landes

The town of Moliets offers a wide choice of sports and leisure activities: surf schools, bike rental, mini-golf, 18-hole golf course and tennis courts, tree climbing, paint ball and quad rental.

On the heritage side, do not miss to discover the typical village square and its Basque pelota pediment.

Several fountains renowned for their benefits also dot the village: the Saint-Orens fountain and its washhouse, the source of the Nane, and the Notre-Dame fountain, a former place of pilgrimage.

In the Maâ district, the chapel built in the 12th century by the Templars is the subject of free guided tours in summer.

In terms of nature, the Moliets pond is a paradise for walkers and fishermen. It is bordered by a fitness trail with 12 workshops of different levels.
The Courant d’Huchet Nature Reserve can be visited with a nature guide.

The appointments are at the reception chalet of the reserve, at the pichelèbe bridge.

The boatmen of the Courant d'Huchet also take you on a tour of the reserve, aboard 6-seater boats: a pleasant family outing!