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camping landes bleues camping landes oceanes camping landes azur
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Set off to discover Mont de Marsan from your holiday at Camping Landes Bleues. It will take you 1h30 through the Landes forests to reach the town of Mont de Marsan.

Mont-de-Marsan is one of the French municipalities in the Landes department. What specifies it is above all its medieval side which demonstrates all its historical and cultural heritage.

mont de marsan 1

The town of Mont-de-Marsan

Located in the Landes department, the town of Mont-de-Marsan is a military town which is home to at least 31,000 inhabitants over a total area of 36.9 km². The city mainly draws its economic resources from the food sector, but also from tourism. Companies like Maïsadour or Delpeyrat are the big employers in the whole city. Also known for the Arte Flamenco festival and the La Madeleine celebrations, it is very popular with tourists who love parties and idleness. Without forgetting that it is also concerned by the ZNIEFF and Natura 2000 thanks to these natural sites.

mont de marsan 2

Activities to do in Mont-de-Marsan

The visit of Mont-de-Marsan cannot be done in one day because it is full of spectacular places in addition to specific activities as much as the others. Detaching itself from the city, it has a medieval facet which is a witness of its cultural heritage. Indeed, between the rivers of La Douze and Le Midou, you can enjoy an astonishing environment lined with golden-colored stone called “shell” before arriving at an art museum in Despiau-Wlerick. Sculpture enthusiasts will find their happiness here, as there is a botanical garden that exhibits various sculptures and statues that have been misplaced in the open air. These are well scattered to make the charm of the city.
On the downtown side, there are many shops on Aristide Briand Avenue. The square is especially lively during the weekly market on Tuesday and Saturday. The place is also home to quite stylish bookstores such as the Lacoste bookstore with its original decor; the Characters bookstore which, as its name suggests, is very special thanks to the friendly atmosphere it gives and its original space which is none other than a fitted garage. Finally, the bubble ink bookstore where you can find a wide choice of books whether for children or adults.

Mont-de-Marsan is also known for its gastronomy such as tourtière or pastis, which are typical Landais tasty cakes ideal for dessert or just for a little gourmet break. There are also macaroons with different flavors that delight young and old alike.
Walks on the coast are still relevant too. This is another way to discover the town of Mont-de-Marsan differently. The small medieval houses on the one hand and the beautiful villas on the other are a feast for the eyes.