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Romantic holidays
In the Landes

Sail as a couple on "the currents of Huchet", take a long romantic walk along the beach, relax in the whirlpool baths: why not a romantic trip to the Landes? This destination in France is one of the most popular for spending an exceptional holiday or weekend with the love of your life. Romantic trip of several weeks or getaway of a few days, you will find in our campsites, accommodation and services adapted for holidays in couple under the sign of love. Discover our 3 campsites in the Landes and enjoy an unforgettable romantic getaway.

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Your stay as a couple
In the Landes

For an ideal romantic holiday, the land of the Landes is definitely the dream destination in France. You can rest there as a couple for a weekend, or even spend a holiday there. The wide open spaces of the region will be conducive to healing and tranquility. Our campsites offer intimate and comfortable accommodation for two people. Our staff will be attentive and discreet throughout the duration of this romantic stay. Book your vacation now on our website and prepare your bags. The Landes promise you a stay as a couple that you will remember for a long time.

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A romantic weekend
In the Landes

During a short romantic trip, it is better to ensure the proximity of the sites to visit to fully enjoy them. If you plan to spend a nature weekend in the Landes, we advise you to choose the Landes Océanes campsite which is located near the nature reserve. If, on the contrary, you prefer that your romantic trip to the Landes be punctuated by swimming in the pool and at the beach, choose the Landes Bleues campsite or the Landes Azur campsite instead.

Couple stay by the sea in the Landes

Nothing is more pleasant than spending a romantic holiday by the sea. If you have planned a trip to the Landes, make sure you are close to the ocean. Our Landes Azur campsite is the closest to the beach. You can get there in just 14 minutes by car. You can also spend a great romantic holiday at the Landes Bleues campsite located 17 minutes from the ocean. This trip as a couple promises you beautiful romantic walks on the beach.

Landes holiday campsites for couples

Each of our campsites has assets to make these holidays or weekends in the Landes an unforgettable trip. At the Landes Océane campsite, you will benefit from an exceptional well-being area in which you can share tender moments. The Landes Azur campsite stands out for its proximity to the beach, which is far from negligible during a romantic trip. The Landes Bleues campsite has a wonderful aquatic area thanks to which you can spend fun and refreshing holidays just for two.