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Roquefort is one of the preserved sites of the Landes department. The latter owes its reputation to the nature that surrounds it and the evasive environment it offers. For explorers and sports enthusiasts, Roquefort is ideal for making new discoveries or practicing canoeing.

roquefort des landes

Roquefort and its economy

Roquefort is a village located in the southwest of France. It is currently home to approximately 1900 inhabitants over an area of 12km². Roquefort is well known for its very active SMEs, in particular Aqualande, which manufactures salmonid-based products, CEM DIP, which is known in the field of industrial and traditional framework design, Palmilandes, the cannery, Labadie, which is a pine sawmill, Comilev-Sodamel, which builds nacelles, SRPI, which designs cisterns and vats, and Sud Armatures, which mainly manufactures metal frames. The evolution of the economy of the region then depends on these small SMEs but also on the tourist attractions that should not be missed during your visit.

sainte marie roquefort des landes

The city's must-see monuments

The village has many must-see buildings when passing through the area. The Arènes des Pins, for example, have been listed in historical monuments for 10 years now. A tour of the Church of Sainte-Marie de Roquefort will allow you to find a monument housing many marks of transformations over the years with a gate marked with arms and paintings of the Assumption inside. The Source Sainte-Radegonde is also known for its fountain which is reputed to promote the relief of rheumatism during the feast of Saint Radegonde in question on August 13.

Canoeing in Roquefort

Canoeing in Roquefort becomes a real pleasure for the sole reason that the site promises total escape. It can be practiced on three rivers, including the Estampon, the Midouze and the Douze. The place offers different routes so as not to get bored. It is up to visitors to choose the route that best suits their pace. Rich in natural environment, Roquefort does not lack new discoveries and adventures whether for a 2h or 4h itinerary if they choose the day.
The environment surrounding these places is strictly preserved. Nature is at the rendezvous, which is why the site has been classified Natura 2000. The descent on these rivers offers a breathtaking view of nature. One can notice the limestone cliffs with the particular aspects which change the latter. But that's not all, the landscape remains unusual and soothing. A forest-gallery will be on the course: only beautiful places to take the best shots and experience extraordinary moments in the heart of nature.