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Discover the South of the Landes and particularly Seignosse from the Aureilhan campsite. In 1h15 you will be in Seignosse to enjoy the beach, dunes, forests and surfing in Seignosse.

Les Landes is a popular destination for lovers of discovery. However, its territory is vast enough that the choice of a specific destination among its communities remains a major choice. But Seignosse remains an essential place for the department.

seignosse village

Seignosse: a village in the Landes

Seignosse is part of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region. More precisely, it is located in the Bourg des Landes and is very close to Hossegor. Seignosse has a great particularity, because its seaside resort directly gives an ocean opening on the Atlantic. It is a place very appreciated by surfers especially in summer. Which is hardly surprising, because its 6 kilometer beach promises a more lively holiday. As for the rest of the year, the region enjoys calm. However, it should be noted that Seignosse also has other attractions for people whose occupation does not always tend towards surfing.

seignosse surf

Activities to do
In Seignosse

Seignosse Océan is certainly the most important attraction of the municipality of Seignosse. It is a seaside resort renowned for the practice of surfing in the region. Over a stretch of 6 kilometers, it is made up of the beach of Bourdaines, Casernes, Estagnots and Penon. It's a surfer's paradise. Many schools in the place offer its services in learning to surf not to mention the World Surfing Championship which usually chooses the place to test surfers coming from all over the world.
It should also not be forgotten that Seignosse is located between the Landes forest and Maremne. This offers a great opportunity for hikers to discover nature in all its forms. Indeed, oaks and pines follow the beaches. It is for this reason that it is possible to choose different routes for each walk without forgetting the discovery of vegetation and greenery during the 40 kilometers of forest paths.

seignosse atlantic park

Atlantic Park

Atlantic Park is also one of the best attractions in Seignosse. It is the largest water park in the department, as it covers 2800 m². Atlantic Park is famous above all for its fairly diversified aquatic playgrounds such as giant multi-lane slides, whirlpools, counter-current river, etc. For the little ones, they can enjoy inflatable structures which are also very comfortable.
For lovers of medieval times, some sites in Seignosse also deserve to be visited, such as the Saint-André church. Built in the 13th centuries, its architecture is still very appreciable even after its destruction during the Terror era. The Angoulême stone bell tower is still there and has kept its Gothic style.