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camping landes bleues camping landes oceanes camping landes azur
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Brassempouy is the meeting place for lovers of archeology.

It is a place rich in prehistory. It is for this reason that many archaeologists are very interested in Brassempouy for new discoveries and thus astonish the world.


Dame's house

In the center of Brassempouy is the Dame's house. This is a museum dedicated to prehistory. The room is divided into three distinct spaces. The two, which are at the entrance, are devoted to temporary exhibitions. As for the main one, it is the place where the collections from excavations are displayed, whether in ancient times or in modern times.
The Dame's house is a place preserved by Brassempouy. With majestic architecture, it was designed by architects Pierre and Éric Raffy. It is in the latter that old objects from ancient times are exhibited following excavations by researchers, such as the statuette of the "Lady in the Hood". It is considered one of the oldest statuettes in the world, as it was carved 25,000 years ago. Since it represents a face, it is therefore a century-old work with the oldest human image.
Excavations in Brassempouy were initiated by Pierre-Eudoxe Dubalen in 1880 following the discovery of flints carved during work in the village. It was then that the Pope's cave was discovered, where some flint art objects and animal bones were unearthed. The first mammoth ivory statuettes were also found there, but these were later exhumed. By continuing the research, other statuettes were still discovered in this same cave until arriving in a second cave called the cave of the Hyenas.

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The archeopark

Brassempouy also houses the archeopark which complements the museum. This allows visitors to get even closer to prehistory. It is an archaeological entertainment park extending over one hectare. It is dedicated to the Paleolithic environment, but is however accessible to young and old. The visit to this area offers a leap into a prehistoric world thanks to the plant and animal layout of the place. Various animations, workshops and demonstrations are also carried out there such as the techniques formerly used: the cutting of tool, the production of fire, etc. It is a place of entertainment that is both fun and rewarding.