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    • Saturdays only at LANDES AZUR and LANDES BLEUES campsites
    • Arrival on Saturday and Sunday at camping LANDES OCEANES
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    • Arrivals from Monday to Sunday

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camping landes bleues camping landes oceanes camping landes azur
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City of the Landes

From the campsite you will be about 1h30 from Tarnos. It is by going to the south of the Landes that you can visit Tarnos from the campsite.

The Landes department remains incomparable when it comes to a tourist destination. Known for its coasts and its climate, it becomes a target place for vacationers and all those wishing to escape from the ordinary. Tarnos is one of the towns in the Landes that attracts them in the summer season. It is even the fourth city of the Landes.

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Tarnos :
A town in the Landes

Tarnos is above all one of the largest towns in the Landes, a department of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region. With nearly 12,000 inhabitants, it is located in the south-west of France between L'Adour and the Basque Country. Tarnos is renowned for its specific oceanic character. It is one of those that generates the fine sandy beaches of the entire Landes coast. And even that it holds the most important industrial port of the Landes. This allowed him great economic advancement in the 1880s.
The industrial port of Tarnos is not, however, its only attraction. On the contrary, it has a fairly varied heritage, whether natural, cultural or historical. This is why the town of Tarnos is a first destination for people who want to strengthen their bond. Beach, forest, activities, market town, etc. are present there. What beautiful things to be in the same place.

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Activities to do in Tarnos

Tarnos offers quite a variety of leisure venues. It has two beaches that delight holidaymakers during the summer season, as the latter are specially equipped to accommodate them. We can mention the Metro beach and the Digue beach. With its 6 kilometers of beaches, they are supervised to allow tourists to do water activities in complete safety such as surfing for wave lovers, swimming or even sea walks, etc.

As for its natural heritage, we must not forget that Tarnos is home to a very preserved environment. We can mention the Barthes district, which is a wetland area on the Landes coast. As for those who dream of adventure, several trails in the forest can be envisaged for the practice of hiking by bike or on foot.
And why not opt ​​for tennis, skateboarding or even jorkyball for sports lovers? There are also the various clubs that anyone can attend. The skate park, the inter-municipal stadium, etc. are also present to kill boredom during a stay in the town of Tarnos.