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The Arènes du Plumaçon are one of the main attractions of the Landes department. Located on Mont-de-Marsan, it is the first destination for culture lovers, especially in July, the time of the La Madeleine celebrations. Beyond this month, guided tours may be possible.

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His history

The Plumaçon Arena is part of the 20th century heritage. Founded in 1889, it served as a place of entertainment for locals through bullfights. This activity was prohibited because it was deemed dangerous. But finding that the latter passed this ban, Richelieu therefore encouraged the surrounding towns to build their own arena with a very strong and raised fence.
Place Saint-Roch is the father of the arenas of Plumaçon. It was in the latter that the first arenas of the city were organized. Thanks to the amphitheater built by the Montois, it could accommodate up to 4,000 spectators. But following a fire in 1878, the latter was ravaged by fire. This is how the idea of building the arenas of Plumaçon came about, a solid construction made by the architect DEspagnet. Local festivities are then organized there so as not to escape customs.

arenes plumacon

The Plumaçon Arena to date

The arenas of Plumaçon underwent improvements in the years 1933. It was not only renovated, but was also enlarged to accommodate more people. It was the architect M.R. Frank-Bonnefous who took care of completing the work. It has the shape of a polygon of 64 angles with a diameter of 63 meters and a height of 12.10 meters. The square can currently accommodate up to 7,000 spectators in its stands. On the spot, one can also notice a chapel built in 1962 on an area of ​​8m². On the latter is an altar on which is the statue of the Virgin of Macarena. It is surrounded by a stained glass window 1 meter in diameter. This gives it a look that is both modernized and antique. In 1992, a work by Mauro Corda was installed at the entrance to the arena. It is a statue called the bullfighter.
The enclosure of Plumaçon currently hosts many events that are not necessarily bullfighting games. But the most popular are the five bullfights that take place in July during the La Madeleine celebrations. People come from all over the world to see this incredible spectacle, but other events are also organized there at other times of the year.