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Thermal baths in Dax:
Holidays and wellness in the Landes

The thermal baths of Dax

With its many thermal establishments, Dax is the first thermal spa in the country, known for its beneficial waters since antiquity, Dax offers in its establishments medical cures and well-being cures, to fight against rheumatism, improve blood circulation , or simply relax and come back from vacation in great shape.

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Rheumatological spa treatment

Among the approved cures of the Dax thermal baths, that is to say the cures that can be the subject of a medical prescription and reimbursement by social security, is the rheumatological spa cure.
The flagship treatment of this cure is the application of thermal mud: Dax Peloid is obtained by combining thermal water with Adour silt and local blue algae.
Rheumatological spa treatment can be prescribed to treat a wide variety of joint and inflammatory pathologies: osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, rheumatism and low back pain for example, but also as part of post-operative care after orthopedic surgery. There are many treatments provided during the rheumatological treatment.
Among the essentials are the aerobath in water between 32 and 36°, high pressure showers and underwater showers, massages and hydromassages, physiotherapy, mobilization in the swimming pool and pelotherapy (application of thermal mud).
Rheumatology care is also offered as part of non-conventioned mini-cures, oriented Form, Relaxation, or Special back.
Nutrition or occupational therapy workshops, as well as complementary activities such as stretching or Pilates, are offered outside the approved course, in addition to your rheumatology treatment. In addition, doing a thermal mud cure would reinvigorate your body for a guaranteed feeling of well-being, you can also try hydrotherapy known for its benefits on blood circulation. Hydrotherapy is becoming more and more common and more and more spa guests, take advantage of the rentals as long as they are free!

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Phlebology spa treatment

The Dax thermal baths also receive people suffering from venous insufficiency as part of agreed cures.
Phlebology cures concern patients with heavy legs syndrome, or with sequelae after developing phlebitis, such as dermatitis, cramps, heaviness, persistent tingling and edema.
The thermal baths of Dax and Saint-Paul-lès-Dax offer a program of treatments which allow the improvement of these symptoms and inconveniences linked to venous insufficiency: carbon-gas baths to improve venous return, walking routes in the swimming pool, massages and hydromassages to decongest, thermal water cures in a drink with rehydrating and detoxifying properties, sprays on the lower limbs, or even draining sessions of aerobatics in water between 28 and 32°.
Phlebology care is also provided as part of 6-day mini-cures oriented “tonic legs”.
Workshops and activities that are not covered can also supplement your approved treatment in phlebology: gentle Nordic walking, sophrology, yoga or Qi jong, for example.

cure thermale dax

Specific cures

Alongside cures in rheumatology and phlebology, the Dax thermal baths offer several specific cures: in other words, spa cures which consist of treatment courses oriented specifically towards certain pathologies or towards a certain public.
Among the most popular spa treatments in Dax are, for example, the spa treatment for seniors, the fibromyalgia spa treatment, or even low back pain treatments.
The Dax Osteoarthritis spa treatment is also a therapeutic option known for its effectiveness on pain and stiffness related to osteoarthritis.
The specific cures are prescribed for a period of 18 days. The thermal baths also offer an evening spa treatment in Dax for people who live nearby.
The meridian spa treatment consists of a program of concentrated treatments in the afternoons. It aims to relieve chronic pain related to joint pathologies, rheumatism, or venous insufficiency.
Lasting 18 days, these meridian spa treatments are also under agreement.
They allow you to occupy your mornings as you see fit, with walks, visits, or free relaxation in the aquatic area of ​​the thermal baths.

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Dax, the ideal spa resort
For a detox break

Looking for what to do in the Landes when it rains?
Do you want to take advantage of your stay in the Landes to replenish your energy? Take the time to improve your health capital in Dax, the first spa resort in France located about 15 minutes by car from the Landes Océanes campsite. Known since Antiquity for the benefits of its waters, Dax attracts nearly 60,000 spa guests every year. The city is home to several institutions specializing in various fields such as rheumatology, gynecology and phlebology. Mud baths or baths in thermal waters, massages, scrubs, body treatments… The thermal centers of Dax offer a multitude of therapeutic and aesthetic treatments. For simple fitness, rehabilitation, relaxation, anti-stress treatment, relief of symptoms of fibromyalgia, rheumatism or venous disorders, the thermal waters of Dax have surprising beneficial effects that it is up to you to discover when your camping holiday near Dax in the south-west of France.
Discover the official website of the thermal baths in Dax.

Dax spa treatment: timetables and prices

Alongside the agreed 3-week cures, the Adour thermal baths in Dax offer additional programs, mini-cures, tailor-made formulas and a well-being treatment card.
The Grand Hotel's thermal baths are open from mid-January to mid-December. Those of the Arènes and Régina as well as the thermal space open from the end of February to November.

  • The thermal week, lasting 6 days, is offered at the price of 250 euros.
  • A la carte treatments and activities are then subject to individual pricing.
  • For thermal treatments, count from 4.50 euros for a sweating session to 17.50 euros for a mud application.
  • The prices of treatments and consultations vary from 35 euros for a personalized visit or a dietary consultation to 60 euros for an osteopathy session in the swimming pool or an individual sophrology session.
  • It is possible to take advantage of a discovery or initiation day, oriented in rheumatology or phlebology, for a price of 41 to 45 euros including 4 treatments.
  • Many additional workshops at 10 euros, individual or collective, can be added to the mini-cures to personalize them. The thermal baths offer, for example, complete special formulas for light legs, special backs, special relaxation or even special sports.