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Holidays and wellness
In the Landes

France’s première spa destination, Dax receives more than 60,000 spa-goers annually who have come to the Landes to take advantage of the benefits of the town’s thermal waters. It should be noted that the tradition of the baths in Dax dates back to the Roman Empire, although the activity only truly developed in the 19th century. With its 15 spas, the present-day town is perfectly suited to hosting holidaymakers in search of a wellness experience.

In other words, you will be able to combine wellness and rest during your holidays here. In fact, Camping Landes Azur is located nearby the spas of Dax. The town is known as the best destination for spa therapy for rheumatology, vascular medicine, fibromyalgia and to treat the respiratory tract, urinary tract infections and metabolic disease.

As a result, spa therapy is recommended in particular for chronic illnesses. Once you try them, the mineral waters, mud baths and spa professionals of the Landes will relieve your pain and give you a real sense of wellness. The treatments can take a variety of forms: baths with running water, hydromassage, bubble jets or pre-programmed water jets, taking the waters in a thermal pool, massage by a physiotherapist, and so on. These establishments also offer fitness sessions. You can take advantage of the different relaxation and treatment areas to regain good physical fitness, like massages, Aquaroll, whirlpool baths and steam rooms.

You can also discover Satisform, developed by a masseur/physiotherapist to prevent back pain, relax contractions and eliminate stress. And so, while in Dax, get away from it all and take care of yourself and your body thanks to the different treatments available to you. At the end of your holiday, you will have recharged your batteries and will be ready to get back to work and your daily routine.

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Campsite with wellness area
In the Landes

For a pleasant and relaxing stay, the 4-star Landes Océanes campsite allows you to take advantage of its well-being area.
Inside this wellness area, find different elements for a pleasant moment of relaxation, with family or friends:

  • The sauna: it is a well-being ritual originating in Finland. You will be able to alternate moments of strong heat in the sauna heated to high temperature then moments of freshness, under a cold shower. The sauna has a relaxing effect, but it also purifies your skin, helps the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system and improves your immune defences.
  • The hammam: ideal for relaxing! The hot steam cleanses the skin, it calms muscle pain, stimulates blood circulation and the menthol essential oils facilitate breathing.
  • The Jacuzzi: Immerse yourself in hot whirlpool water. This balneotherapy area will give you a feeling of extreme relaxation, you will let your stress and anxiety escape.

During your stay, remember to book this balneotherapy area to have a good time with your loved ones (4€/hour/person).
Note that our campsite is near the Dax thermal baths and offers you special offers for your spa treatment in Dax

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Ranked at the top of the French departments for cures, the Landes is a spa destination of the first choice. There are no less than 5 resorts and 19 institutes that offer thermal treatments provided by competent professionals and adapted to each person with quality water and mud. In 2018, around 80,000 people went for a spa treatment in the Landes. The Landes know-how in hydrotherapy is recognized. From a medical treatment stay to a well-being break of a few hours allowing you to take care of yourself to leave with energy, discover hydrotherapy during your camping stay in the Landes.

Why do a spa treatment in the Landes?

To fight against fatigue, back pain, a feeling of heavy legs or to relax to get rid of stress, find inner serenity and calm, take care of yourself... Everyone can take a spa break. The spa guests are generally couples, most often retired, who come to treat rheumatism problems, but there is something for everyone. The Landes thermal waters are very famous for their therapeutic virtues. A complete cure is carried out on medical indication for a period of 3 weeks including 18 days of care. Prescribed by the doctor, the spa treatment is reimbursed in whole or in part by Social Security.

The resorts can also offer you shorter spa treatments, for a weekend or for a few days, in order to recharge your batteries. Pampered by quality professionals, you will regain energy and balance. The Landes spa treatment is indeed an excellent way to preserve your health by taking care of yourself and your body.

Where to do a spa treatment in the Landes?

Grand Dax
It includes the cities of Dax and Saint-Paul-lès-Dax, brings together 16 establishments to carry out its spa treatment. It is the Landes destination most popular with spa guests of all stripes. Expertise of professionals, thermal waters and clay mud found in Dax, also called the "peloid", which has made this spa its reputation. As close as possible to the ocean, you will find entertainment all year round and shops. The establishment is located about an hour's drive from the Les Landes Bleues campsite (78 km).

In Eugenie-les-Bains
La Ferme thermale is a luxurious establishment offering a cure in a privileged environment where you can combine thalassotherapy, well-being, health and tableware. In the establishment's gastronomic restaurant, the 3-star chef Michel Guérard concocts tasty little slimming dishes that are good for your health and perfect for keeping your figure. La Ferme is about a hundred kilometers from the campsite, around 1 hour 30 minutes.

It is a small picturesque village located near the Adour river. There are 5 hot water points that provide the Thermes establishment with both Basque and Landes decor with a beautiful view of the surrounding greenery, for a dive into the heart of nature. From the campsite, you have to drive for 1 hour (70 km) by taking the shortest route.

It is a peaceful spa resort at the crossroads of the Adour river, the Atlantic, Spain and the Basque Country where you can relax at ease. In 2018, its sobriety gave this old port the title of "Favorite resort for spa guests". Count 55 minutes for about 80 km from Les Landes Bleues campsite.